Friday, October 5, 2012

Doggie costume

Hello friends!

I wanted to share a couple of projects I made specifically for the Lily Bee Design Team Call. Although I did not make the team I still LOVE my projects I made. And congrats to the team that did make it! They are awesome!!

"Wish I could fun free" Layout 

I love this layout because it shows my sweet girl Bella just looking out the window so peacefully. I just look at this layout and just want to squeeze her :)

"My #1 cowpoke" Layout

 This layout was from Halloween last year. Since my dogs are my kids we of course dressed them up in costumes for the trick or treaters :) Bella was a bee and Rocko was a cowboy. He wouldn't wear his cowboy hat, though. Can you believe that?!

"Smile" Portrait Frame

I will see you guys next time!!

1 comment:

  1. Love your layouts! and what an adorable dog you have! Shame you didn't make the team (I didn't either :( ) but you definitely should try again next time, you rock their papers!